About Us

Southbridge HouseCalls provides Nurse Practitioners that will help to meet the healthcare needs of patients in their homes if the patient cannot physically travel to our office. We do not provide emergency care, however we can fill the gaps in care by providing primary care to those who find it difficult to leave home. Some patients have difficulty moving due to illness, injury, or age. Being forced to go to a doctor can increase their levels of stress. In some cases, it simply be avoided because of its challenges. Having the care provider come to them instead of going to the hospital or emergency room also means lower risk of infection from hospital-borne illness. We are here to provide primary care services to patients in the South Fulton county. Our office is conveniently located in South Fulton for those that aren't confined to the home environment. We are committed to delivering excellent healthcare services and above all, bridging the gaps in healthcare access.

Key Benefits of SouthBridge HouseCalls

1)      A more complete evaluation:  We provide primary care that allows the  Nurse Practitioner to assess the entire patient. For instance, environment, social support systems, nutritional status, and functional status.

2)      Less physically and mentally demanding:  Home-based primary care eliminates the demands and stress of physically getting the patient to/from a medical facility. In addition to the impact of inclement weather and waiting in a “waiting room.”

3)      Treating the whole patient:   When managing the complexities of aging while maintaining dignity and self-determination, Southbridge HouseCalls provides the time and attention to manage chronic conditions. We also coordinate care among specialists and still support the family of caregivers. 

Core Values of SouthBridge HouseCalls 

  • Treating the WHOLE patient,
  • Maintaining an environment of both dignity and respect,
  • Dedication to quality of life including advocacy and service coordination,
  • Preventative care, IV therapy, Post hospitalization Care
  • Avoidance of rather unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Above all, maintaining or improving functional status.

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Allyson L. Blue – Biographical Sketch

Allyson has formal training and experience providing primary care, palliative, and also hospice care. She is a professionally trained Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner with years of experience as a registered nurse. Ensuring high standards of culturally competent care for a wide variety of patients with diverse needs. She holds a national certification with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She is both an energetic and motivational leader. Allyson is dedicated to driving top-quality patient care. She has the ability to build relationships from day one. Enthusiastic with excellent people skills as well as to steadfast work ethic. She prides herself on delivering “Compassionate Care for the Human Spirit.”

Allyson SouthBridge